The silence of God is something I’ve spent a lot of time with.  It is what greets so many of our questions.  So many of the questions I’m asking now, once again.  Why?  How will this work out?  What will happen?  Again? 
I know this silence; it is what always comes at these times–at least for me. I’ve found whatever level of peace I can with that fact.
It is just silence. It’s not emptiness.
And I still want God to not be silent.

but say the word
word that broke light into darkness
coalesced matter into earth and sky
word that came and lived and breathed
word that died and rose

say the word,

that I may know you are here
that I may know you hear me
say the word, heal me
say the word, help me believe

say the word,
any word

written 12/3/07