I’ve had one of the lines from this poem on my desktop staring at me for, oh, more than a week now. I knew there was more to go with it, but I had nothing. So it sat there and taunted me. I knew (okay, hoped) that if I let it sit there long enough, I’d figure out the rest of the poem. And I did. Sometimes this happens and sometimes I’m still waiting. Which is a pretty good lead in…

Closershadows lengthen and evening
comes ere the work
day passes by

dark creeps closer to
me as sleep’s promise
beckons from dented pillow

bulb, flame, and
candle gleam into dusty
light as “dark shall not overcome”

challenge, promise, eternal
hope leap outward, each
seduction from lethargy

once more comes
quiet whisper saying,
“a new way of living is required”

as dusky dark gathers
near and flickering
light shines and we

we draw close to each
candle, flame, face
closer to promise, closer …

written 12-19-07

bonus points (randomly assigned and only tracked in my mind) if you can guess which line…