So this week is a week I celebrate in much the same manner other people give to their birthday. And I almost wish I was willing to give y’all more details, because vagueness makes this hard to describe. This week is the anniversary of my latest new chance at life. And in commemoration of that event, I wrote this:
Shadows of the past

Tomorrow dawns anew
and the same sun
which chases the dark away
helps define my shadows
some have one, but I have more
shadows of pain, sorrow and loss.
Falling off my heels, slow to fade
familiar, yet not welcome
shadows of the past,
things gone by,
dark days,
times that will not end.Shadows from days long gone,
but events that outlast the sunset
days when the pain wouldn’t end
days when the sorrow debilitated
nights when there were no stars.
And yet…

And yet,
I am still here.
My dragons reduced to shadows,
following, yapping, diminished.
This time I know, that I survived,
that tomorrow will dawn anew,

Written 7/17/07 (I know, same day as post. Be impressed please.)

I wanted to write something happier, but I just couldn’t get there yet. Maybe after another couple of years. I was still pleased that the last verse (stanza? too much time in Church I guess.) Held what hope it did. Just in case anyone is worried, please don’t. My writing is often driven by “old” emotions because those are the ones I understand best.